January 11, 2010

Lunch Lady Lori

The new year has already brought changes for our family. I'm not working in the Metropolis over the pass as the weather/roads and time away from the family was too demanding. I am looking for work in town and I am happy with that. Before I find a formal job I am back to Substitute teaching.
I love children and I love teaching. I don't enjoy the public schools because they lack the environment for free thought and exploration. As a Substitute Teacher I may get a call each morning telling me where my assignment in the school district is for that day. I get up from bed never knowing where I will work or if I will work. Today I am working in the office of an elementary school and will bethe lunch lady.

My quote of the day:

It would
be so nice
if something would
make sense
for a change.

Alice in Wonderland


  1. Oh, and by the way...on the left bar, Brittany is holding her niece LILLY. That was taken when Lilly was blessed in Logan.