June 6, 2010

Like a Good Neigh Bear

State Farm is there.....
I last wrote about 6 months ago. It's been forever! I haven't written because I've been soooo busy. I spent two months (Jan & Feb) job hunting. I haunted Job Service every week, took their typing tests (got 60 wpm-no errors) and data processing tests (got 100% - no errors). It was futile.

Then, MIRACULOUSLY, I got a job the 1st of March with State Farm Insurance as the Office Manager. In the end, it came word-of-mouth. The old saying, "it's who you know" paid off.

What a wonderful job! I work with great people. I really didn't think that insurance was up my alley but after 3 months I've found that I LOVE it. The end of April I went to Missoula to Insurance School, took my tests and .... passed! I now have my Property, Casualty and Sureties Producers License and can sell auto, bonds and homeowners policies.

I am so lucky. My office is only 2 blocks from Victor's bank. On breaks, I get to run down to visit him. It's also 4 blocks from the schools and the kids can come to my office after school. We have a conference room for the kids to do their homework in that also has a TV with a DVD player. It has a small kitchen so they can get snacks, too.

My job is very interesting. Especially when filing claims.

Actually, I haven't filed claims like this yet. Just fender benders and wind-blown roofs. I really don't want to do anything more serious.


  1. Deer blasting through brand new cars would have been nice for you to help us fix. :) Have fun with your job!

  2. Glad you like your job and the kids can see you more too. :)