September 6, 2010

The Boys of Fall

After 6 months at my new job, I have finally found time to blog. I'm learning how to squeeze ME time out of a day by taking it out of SLEEP time. Here goes... time to whine -

WHERE DID SUMMER GO??? I'm sure it was supposed to be here because the calendar said June, July and then August. It's just that it rained the whole, stinkin' time. The wind blew and the clouds were drab in all their glory. But the cu de gra, the REAL proof that summer never arrived to our hilltop is.... our zucchini plant never grew a single veggie! How is that possible?

We also planted 5 tomato plants and got 3 tomatoes. THREE!!!! That isn't even one per plant.

June never got warmer than 76 and rained everyday but 4. July never got warmer than 89 and rained everyday but 6. August, well, it rained at least alittle every day except 5 and averaged 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the whole month. Today... it snowed!!

So, AUTUMN has arrived. We celebrated the end of a very rainy summer by attending the first MSU football game. It was a gorgeous day.... and it, of course, rained alittle on us. The Cats played Fort Lewis Skyhawks and beat them 59 - 10. The first quarter was fabulous and there were some great plays I would have liked to see rewound. After that, it was same ol', same ol', SCORE, SCORE, SCORE!!! The Bobcats have a new quarterback and even though I'm not really a sports aficionado, I really will enjoy watching him play for the next 4 years.

I love Kenny Chesney's new song, The Boys of Fall. It's moving and helps me get into the spirit of Fall as I mourn the close of a very SHORT rainy summer.

Clint, Rachael & Meggie are in soccer, Stacey should be playing volleyball but she is struggling through Mononucleosis. She'll be lucky to attend school! And my little Matthew, well he'll be a 7th grade Boy of Fall. I can't wait to watch all the kids play this season.

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  1. I wish I could give you some zucchini! I can't eat it all!