October 11, 2010

Thank You Chris!

Victor got the day off work today because in 1492 Columbus took a cruise across the Ocean Blue.I'm grateful that Christopher got the day off work to navigate his way to the Americas. I wonder if he used earned-time-off or called in sick with a note strapped to his carrier pigeon? I wonder what kind of job description an explorer would have? Anyway, I took the dayoff, also. The kids are still in school so we have had a nice day together.

We have recently joined the local health club. I have put on a few "happy-marriage pounds" and am not liking how my clothes are fitting. A trainer met us today, weighed us, and gave a great pep talk, which I needed because the scale weighed 8 pounds heavier than the one at home.

It was both our dog's day off as well. They danced with a skunk this morning and now the whole house stinks. I now know the recipe for getting SKUNK out of dog:

1/4 Cup Baking Soda
1 quart of Hydrogen Peroxide
1 teaspoon Dawn dishwashing liquid.
After the rain shower this morning, this day is looking beautiful!

Blue skies, no clouds and warm. I just love AUTUMN...... skunks and all.

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