November 8, 2010

10 Guilty Pleasures

I 've had a problem, lately, coming up with blog subjects. Mmmmmm, I say to myself, what shall I write about today? Tonight, I snooped around Blogland and found a topic I liked, "10 Guilty Pleasures". Must I find pleasures that I feel guilty about? I don't feel guilty about pleasures in my life... but perhaps I am supposed to. I believe that one must only feel guilty, about a pleasure they have indulged in, when they feel they don't deserve it.

Top 10 Pleasures List - Guilty or Not

1. Soaking in the Garden Tub. This is not a guilty pleasure. After years, okay, decades of pregnancy, I have deserved and enjoyed every tub-soaking of tired, haggard muscles I have ever had.
2. Rocking a Baby. Also, not a guilty pleasure. In looking back over my life and the times I have found true pleasure, rocking a baby has been a true delight.
3. Baking in the kitchen. The only guilt here might be the spontaneous spatula licking. I love a day in the kitchen. I start with a jello salad, then a sweet bread, then an entree and then end with a dessert.

4. Afternoons of Sewing. I sequester myself in my sewing room and can therefore ignore the dust that is settling on the furniture all over the house. Therefore, no guilting... just quilting.

5. Driving in the Car. This may seem like an odd one, but I just love a drive in the car, either alone or with Victor. I love the peace & quiet and the beauty of the countryside. It provides me with time to think. I don't feel a bit guilty about the use of gasoline as I feel it is cheaper than a Psychiatrist.
6. Watching Old Movies. I really love seeing a Jimmy Stewart or Gary Cooper movie for the first time. The 13th time is just as nice because I already know the dialogue line by line so I can quilt while listening.
7. Attending Parties & Dinners. I love to socialize. It's fun to get to know people and chat. I don't care much about the food served because I usually can't eat any of it, so I concentrate on the people around me. I do find it exasperating that I can't remember names of people I've met before, however, but my lack of memory is for another blog post.

8. Watching My Children Perform in Games/Concerts. Matthew played offensive tackle in 7th grade football this year. When he recovered a fumble I became hysterically embarassing and yelled as if he had just single-handedly won the Super Bowl.
9. Vacation!!! I love spending vacation time in every kind of way. Either traveling and visiting family or just staying at home quilting, gardening, baking and watching old movies.

10. DUH!! That's all I'm going to say about this one.

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