January 21, 2011

Chicken Farming

I have a dream. A dream to raise enough egg-laying foul to furnish our family with nutritious eggs... and a little mad-money for Lori! I wonder what I will do with my "egg-money"?

I am wishing for the good ol' days when they had barn-raisin's with the neighbors.  We need to have a good ol' fashioned coop-raisin'.

A sweet woman my husband knows from work, gave us some chicken magazines. I had no idea there were magazines solely devoted to raising chickens... with multiple issues. What could they possibly have to write about? Perhaps they would write about the kinds of things I've been wanting to know, such as:

How big should we build the coop?

What do you feed chickens?

What is the difference between the kind of chickens you eat and the kind that lay eggs?

Which ones bite?

Do we need a ROOSTER for proper egg laying?

Where can I buy a rooster-muzzle?

Who babysits those feathered-foul when we go on our lavish vacations with all that egg-money?

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