June 5, 2009


Remember a few blogs back, about 5 weeks ago, when I wrote about our sweet Golden Retriever, Alli, who had run off and was missing? Click on this link to get to that post. Anyway, we had decided that she must be dead because she always makes it back home.

We always see Goldens here because our town is a big-dog-loving kind of a town. Since she's been missing, I've checked out every Golden Retriever I see. Well, last night about 6:30 p.m., Victor and I were driving into town to pick up Brooke from work and Rachael from her friend's house. There running up the sidewalk on the main road into town, was a Golden trotting along.

Usually Alli runs with head held high and tail high. This particular dog was running with a slight limp, head down and tail down. As we passed her, I looked at her face. Oh, what a precious face! I screamed at Victor, "It IS Alli"! Victor, pulled the car over in a flash and I was fumbling as I opened the door because I was in such a hurry. I screamed, "ALLI!", and she came bounding over and jumped into the car on my lap!
She was wet, skinnier, full of fleas and panting, but it was definitely her! We were in total shock. FIVE WEEKS she has been gone! We took her with us to pick up the girls and they were shocked .......and screaming when they each saw her in the back seat.We took her home; fed her, gave her a long drink......loved her, threw balls to her and wrestled..... then gave her flea & tick medicine. She has been asleep ever since. Meggie cried for a total 10 mintues! She was so overcome. ---Bo is jealous.
Where has she been? I have a few scenarios, since fleas can't live here because of the long and frigid winters. Thus:
  1. A tourist from a warmer climate came along and took her. She got fleas from their animals in their vehicle, but she escaped from Florida/California/ Mississippi and did the Homeward-Bound thing.
  2. A tourist liked it here and just moved here bringing their fleas with them, stole her and kept her indoors, but she escaped and did the Homeward-Bound thing.
  3. Someone hit her with their car, which would explain the crooked tail and limp, and kept her at their house to mend for the past 5 weeks, but when she got well enough, she escaped and did the Homeward-Bound thing.
Well, we'll never really know where she's been or what her life has been like... but we are sure thrilled to have her home again.... homeward bound, her incredible journey.


  1. That's so cute that Meggie cried! Glad they like that ragg-a-muffin doggy :)

  2. Wow - a miracle! Five weeks. I just wonder where that pup has been. I'm so happy for ya'll - I hate lost pups and sad kids!!

  3. Oh poor shadow from Homeward Bound. And ewwww fleas!

  4. Have fun rearranging your blog! Sorry my phone hung up on you! Stupid phone. Danny has the cell so I couldn't call you back. Have a fun 4th!