June 16, 2009

A Day in Yellowstone Park

After we finished our chores this weekend, we put ice in the cooler, loaded the picnic food, the box of firewood and stashed the campstoves in the trunk of the car. The weather was "iffy" all day as we headed to Yellowstone Park. We drove the Honda with Heather, Matthew and Megan in the back seat. Driving through Paradise Valley to get to Gardiner, the north entrance of Yellowstone Park,was gorgeous. We drove past cattle, horses, buffalo.....and rustic farms. Very comforting and peaceful. This is the kids at the North Entrance of the park...
Compare it to this picture taken 3 years ago!
We stopped at a picnic ground and Victor fired up the campstove. He made hamburgers and hotdogs. Why does food, out in the wilderness, always taste better?
Meggie looks shocked that we have fire in the woods.
After a yummy lunch, we drove through the Wonders of Yellowstone. We actually made the Grand Loop.
We saw some buffalo VERY CLOSE and .....
and a bear VERY, VERY CLOSE!We also found the gift shops at Canyon Village and the kids bought the traditional shiny rocks, bumper sticker that says "Got Moose" and a mug.We had a rainy trip, but it was so fun. If the rain would stop this summer, it would be nice to go back. We have a pass for the whole year so I am excited to go again.

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  1. That looks like so much fun!!! The kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!