July 12, 2009

I Blame Summer

I haven't been writing on my blog for what seems like ages. It's summer. A sign of summer is:The children are home from school. They want me to take them to town so they can go to the Library, the Malt Shop, the Park, the Lagoon, the Swimming Pool and to their endless friend's homes. And I do.

Then they want their endless friends over at our home, or they want to go boating, eat pizza, have bonfires in the backyard with smores, have 4th of July Parties, shoot off fireworks without blowing each other up, and sleep outside on the deck.

I also have to keep up with the housework and look for a full-time job. I have seriously neglected my blog.


  1. Fun. Michael & I didn't do anything for the 4th...

  2. I know what you mean! Summer always seems to be a hopping time. Enjoy! Hopefully you will get a minute or two now and again to update your blog about all the fun.

  3. Glad you've been keeping busy! Can't wait to see the pictures of all your busy-ness!