June 4, 2009

Our GRADUATES of 2009

We attended the 2009 High School Graduation on May 31st. My son, Nathan, and Victor's daughter, Kayleigh, graduated with their class of 105 classmates. It was a wonderful celebration! It was beautiful weather.... OK, that's really NOT what I want to talk about.... the weather.
When we rose for the National Anthem and saluted the flag, I got all choked up. Pomp and Circumstance began to play and a tear started to form. As the graduates marched in and took their seats we all stood and the tear went down my nose. When Nathan, and then Kayleigh, each walked up to receive their diplomas I had to use Victor's sleeve to wipe my flooded eyes.

Nathan lettered in football this year and Kayleigh lettered in volleyball.


Kayleigh was awarded 4 different scholarships that will amount to her 4-year tuition being totally paid. She will be going on to University of Montana in Missoula. We are so very happy for her and amazed at her abilities. We know she will do very well in college. I personally have seen her talent in food preparation and presentation. She is gifted at art and design. I wonder if she will pursue this avenue on a career basis. It's been nice to have her around and sample all her wonderful concoctions.
Nathan was on the honor roll the first semester, but took the first part of his second semester "off"... and had to work like the dickens to make up a whole semester's worth of work in his last 6 weeks. The school told me, that frankly, they didn't think he could do it. He DID!
Nathan had 2 heart surgeries while in high school. He moved twice and had been home educated up through his freshman year and the public schools wouldn't take his Freshman home school ACCREDITED credits for his core classes so he spent the next three years taking heavy loads and making up his Freshman classes. He wants to "rest" for a year before considering what university to attend. "Resting", he says, "will include a back-packing hobo trip through Europe". He says that Montana State University is his first choice for college. We are very proud of him and believe that he succeeded through a lot of adversity in his life. Nathan holding Megan
He spent much of his studies on automotive repairs and is quite good at it. I also think he would have a great mind for the legal field. I wonder which way he will go..... hmmmm......?
Victor and Nathan.
It looks like the cop in the background is wondering if he has ever seen that young man before!
After the graduation ceremonies, we had a Victor-style barbecue at our home for the graduates and their family and friends. It was so nice. Victor barbecued hotdogs and burgers, I made a green marshmallow salad and veggie tray with dip. Victor's Mom, Carol, made a nice fruit salad of cut-up watermelon, cantalope, grapes, pineapple and strawberries. We had chips and pop and a frosted cake for the Graduates.

Nathan and Kayleigh - Graduates of 2009


  1. Nathan is SO cute!

  2. Yipee!! The gaduates did it!!

  3. Nathan is so handsome, he looks very Dowdle. Congrats to both of them!

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