September 20, 2009

His 12th Wish

MATTHEW JOSEPH is only about 3 in this picture. This is a boy who is serious about life, even play time. He is very organized, hard-working and motivated. It's been a total joy to be his mother!

When did he get to be 12? I'm sure I was there to witness it all, but the time has just flown by.
Here we are celebrating his birthday. He requested this cake. Wylie and Reed, two of his many friends, stayed overnight. They are inspecting the cake, which in the minds of young boys, is one of the most important parts of any party.
Now begins the debate over what to wish for when the candles are blown out.....
Victor lights the 12 candles....
And while the homefires are burning, Matthew, with a little help from his friends, makes his 12 year old wish. I wonder what it was........He won't tell!!!


  1. Beebum will always be frozen in my mind as that 3 year old boy!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! As his mother, I love watching him grow up but have some sadness with it, too. That's exactly the way I feel about ALL my precious children.