September 29, 2009

The Eternal Things

In the hurried pace of life today
So much is missed along the way.
Take time to notice the wondrous things
Of God's creation, the eternal things.
In the quiet calm of the morning,
Take a look at the sky so blue.
Take a look at the world all around you,
Sprankled with fresh sparkling dew.

Take a look at this God given beauty
And start the day out right.
Listen to the music of the bird's morning song,
Feel the touch of the sun's golden light

Trees reaching so high toward the heavens,
Whispering leaves stirred by the cool gentle air.
Fill your heart with the calm of the morning.
These are moments beyond compare.

Start the day with a prayer of Thanksgiving
For God's handiwork of beauty sublime;
Pause to listen, observe and see
This wonderful world that is yours and mine.

---by Edna Ferguson
The word "sprankled" is her word. You must read this poem with a very southern accent.
Circa 1947. Edna Ferguson standing with Granddaughters:
Patricia (my Mom), Rozanne, and Janet

The above poem was written by my Great Grandmother Edna Lucille (Bell) Ferguson born Dec. 6, 1889 in Vernon, Wilbarger Co., Texas and died Aug. 19, 1992 in House, Quay, New Mexico. She was an accomplished oil painter. Her husband, Jesse Bernard Ferguson, died when she was 41 and she supported herself the rest of her life as a rancher in New Mexico. She loved cows! She lived past 102 years of age. I miss her so much! I loved my Great Grandmother Edna.

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  1. Lori, I love this post about Great Grandma!