September 23, 2009

Unemployed in Greenland!

We all know that MONEY doesn't grow on trees. At least not the trees around here!

I know, I have whined about the tourists.... and now, I'd like them to return so our restaurant will go back to being open during the day. Park Place Tavern has gone to "winter hours" and are now only open for dinner. I had to quit because I don't want to work at night.

The truth is, I very much love being a stay-at-home Mother/Wife. However, I want to help with the finances in running our large family. Waitressing isn't really a career I want so this is a blessing and I am working on finding another job. At this moment I have an impending interview, Oct. 2nd, at the local hospital as an Office Manager for the PT & Rehab. department.

Since Money doesn't Grow on Trees, I need to help earn what our family manages to eat a lot of......
They also wear money.....
and it shelters us.
All joking aside, it's wonderful, that in the end... our home is really made of LOVE after all!

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