October 28, 2009

Piglet Flu

My PIGLETS have the FLU! I have been home from work with the kids because Meggie has the Swine Flu. I believe I caught the Swine Flu in 1976 and therefore will not catch it again. However, I have caught a "cold" (sniffles, body aches, headache, exhaustion). Could this still be part of it? I don't know.
Megan have had a high fever (103.9) that is impossible to bring down to normal even with medication. She also has a chest cold that I hope won't turn into bronchitis/pneumonia. You know, the Swine Flu has been hyped-up by the media/government to mammoth proportions, but I haven't found it to be any worse than other things the kids have caught. Actually, in my experience as a mother with 14 kids who have caught everything that has come along in the past 30 years, the Swine Flu has been one of the least severe of all their illnesses.

In August 1998 we caught a very bad flu. Michael (age 14) got it first, then 2 weeks later, the other 7 kids got it... all at once, for a WHOLE WEEK! Rachel, the oldest, was at college at UVSC so she missed all the fun. I just googled "flu in 1998" I found that there was a national outbreak of the Swine Flu that year. Hmmmmm.... perhaps that is why Matthew and Heather (who both caught that then, only had a mild colds this time).
FLU in 1998
The Piglet Infirmary set up in the livingroom -- 1998
Brooke (5) & Nathan (7)
Jessica (15) & Matthew (1)

Nicole (11)

Heather (3)

Brittany (9) & Nathan (7)

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  1. Those pictures are so funny!!!!!!!!! I swear I must have been there...somewhere. :)