December 17, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Do I start most of my posts this way, "IT'S BEEN AGES SINCE I'VE WRITTEN!!"? Well, it has. I have been so busy. What an amazing man my husband is. Victor makes my would-be logistical nightmare, so easy. I leave the house to drive the pass to the Metropolis (so that I can work at the hospital), before any of the kids are awake. He gets them up, makes sure they are presentable for school, feeds them breakfast and then takes them to the bus stop.

He comes home for lunch and pops yummy dinners into the crockpot so it will be ready when the 9 of us all hit the house at 5. The kids know their assigned chores and everyone works together... with a minimal of grumbling. We do pay them for many of their chores; it seems the incentive brings that grumbling to a minimum.
Preparing for Christmas has been awesome. The kids wrote lists, then we made lists of what we were actually going to get them, and shopped together. We went to the Ski Swap at the Fair Grounds and outfitted 4 of the children with ski and snowboard equipment.
It's amazing the cost of ski equipment, so to be able to save money and purchase used equipment is fantastic. Now, we just need LOTS of fresh powder on the ski hills.

We actually attended the National Annual Event called BLACK FRIDAY! We got up at 4:00 a.m. and arrived at WalMart at 5 a.m. With list in hand and a map handed to us at the door, we were able to squeeze through the bumper-to-bumper crowds and find our treatures. Kayleigh went with us and was a huge help! Being 18, she had insight to teen clothing tastes that we lacked. Then the three of us went to the Cat Eye Cafe for brunch. It was lovely. I love that place. I've placed a link to their website if you click on their name. Check out the icon "The Way". It's a scream and is on the back of their menu. I don't know if any other Bozemanite can remember what this cafe used to be. It's on 28 N. Tracy. I think it was the old Pizza Oven when we were kids. And you will notice in that picture... there is a line. It is ALWAYS there. There is always a line waiting to get in, no matter the weather.

Well, it's time to wrap all the gifts. I can't wait for Christmas. I wish ALL my children and their families could be with us this year. Some day it will happen. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and may God Bless you!

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