March 5, 2009

Exploders and Explosions

I have finally gotten to the end of a very odd day. Some days are uneventful, or exciting, or just normal. But today was truly different. It started out with the usual flurry getting everyone down to the bus stop.

Rachael finished her project on "the wheel" and perfected the final touches of her Kleenex Box Car. This invention had to roll rather than scoot. It had pencils for axles and cardboard wheels.

Matthew was downloading his english assignment, onto a disc, which had to be a song that had some different elements of poetry, (rhyming, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia, metaphor, simile, etc...). This is the youTube of the song his used.

When they had finished, were fed and jacketed, I had to plow through 6 inches of snow to get them to the bus stop. The snow was blowing horizontally and it was cold. You really have to punch the gas, in 4-wheel drive, to get up the hills.
When I got home, I tended to Heather, who had her ear drum break, earlier in the week, from an infection that, I believe, was brought on by the flu. She has been in a lot of pain and was very uncomfortable. Her fever is down now and the heating pad seems to work.

Nathan called at that point. He told me what no parent wants to hear. He, Kayleigh and Clint got into a car wreck on the slick roads as they were driving the Ford Explorer to the High School. The cop gave the ticket to the woman in the Honda (whom Kayleigh hit), because she didn't yield the right of way as Kayleigh slid into her. Makes no sense to me, but I guess someone had to get the ticket! Thank goodness no one was hurt. We call the Explorer, "The Exploder".

After I found out that the kids were okay, the phone rang AGAIN and it was Lee from the Metropolis over the pass. Was I listening to the radio? Did I hear the news? A 100 year-old section of Main Street in my hometown was blown to smithereens!

There was a gas leak in a business (a restaurant) which eventually leveled at least the seven businesses (2 bars, 2 sandwich shops, an art gallery, and a dress shop) next to it. This picture was taken right after the initial blast. After this shot, the buildings would eventually be burned until there was just a crater in the ground. There is still one person not accounted for, though there were no other injuries reported. We lost some wonderful historic buildings. In the end, we lost half a block. It was emotional for the whole town and I am so sad.

This evening, Clint came home from soccer practice and decided that he couldn't see the ball as he ran down the field and would we cut off his hair tonight? Kayleigh started the job and Victor finished it. The whole family sat in the audience as his lovely, curly locks hit the floor. He really looks nice.

Now, we are getting the kids ready for bed. We hope to relax and recuperate from our very emotional and eventful day.


  1. THAT was a crazy day!!! Hope they find that guy in the explosion, glad to hear the kids are okay from that wreck, poor Fedders with her ear, and I love Clint's haircut! Wish my days were that exciting. :)

  2. Thanks to you, Lori, we were able to get the story on the internet. It was awesome! Your Mother and I both praised the Lord that there no known fatalities (by noon your time). Later in the day we found out about the earthquake near Whitehall. I commented to your Mom that I felt that the cause of the Bozeman disaster was due, in some manner, to the earth quake. It seems that that thought is now being considered. We are thankful that our Bozeman and Livingston famillies were not involved.