March 21, 2009

It's Officially SPRING!!

Hurray, Spring has arrived! My crocuses are up and so cute. The horses were frolicking (look that one up!) in the pasture and the sun was out, for a long time today.

Meggie's birthday was on the 8th but we had a bad snow storm and we got snowed in (AGAIN) and had to be dug out. I knew the mothers of all those little girls wouldn't be able to get up to the house (even if they could find it) so we waited until we had good weather.
The girls had so much fun. Megan got TWO birthday cakes. One was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and the other was a homemade gluten-free chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. She got to blow out the candles on both cakes. They had Sprite and ice cream, too.
She got to eat the gluten-free cake all by herself!
Then she opened her presents, which consisted of stuffed animals of every kind and art work. A little girl's dream. We made little crafty bracelets, had a bubble-blowing fest in the front yard, ran through the sprinkler (until Dad turned it off) and drew with chalk on the sidewalk.

The drama of the party was that 2 white horses got out of their pasture and ran onto our property which ticked-off our dog. He thinks he's so tough! Victor got the horses back into their pasture before the dog got kicked in the head. Then we put FOR SALE signs on the 1979 BMW 733i that we bought for the teenagers last year. They don't want to pay the insurance or gas to run it and we are tired of having it hang around the yard. So we got it ready to sell today. We have had some snoops but no one has bought it yet.

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  1. Ohhhh, cute Meggie! I'm glad she got a GF cake for her very own. :)