March 26, 2009

March Madness

Ok, I lied. It's not Spring here. Since my last post, only 5 days ago, it has stormed, blizzarded and snowed on us. At one point, we went to the Metropolis-over-the-mountain and on our return trip home, we had to follow a snow plow to get over the pass. That's a picture of Clint's soccer practice yesterday after school. Note that it also still hasn't really gotten light here, even after Day-light Savings.

I have to admit that today is very pretty. The sky is blue in some parts of the heavens. Even though the grass is still dead and brown there is pristeen, white snow covering much of it. It is breezy and I have Old Glory waving at my front door. It's still a nice day outside.

Inside the house, however, we have had much illness this week. Victor has been sick with the flu which made his Diverticulitis flare. It scares me when that happens. He runs a high fever and is in so much pain.

Today I have Clint, Nathan and Megan home with the flu. Yesterday, Nathan, Megan, Matthew and Rachael were home sick. The coughing, fevers and lethargy is a strain. I have hand sanitizer at every sink and have been sterilizing door knobs, light switches and sink faucets. I want Spring to REALLY arrive and STAY!


  1. Ugh, we got some blizzardish weather too, however not in OJland because we never get moisture and will probably have to start drinking our shower water because we're in such a drought. :(

  2. Yikes, will spring every come? EJ is supposed to play baseball very soon. Hmmmmm. Will that ever happen? Hope your household is germ free these days.