March 28, 2009

Time Wasters

It's Saturday and I'm sick. Headache, lethargy, sore throat, cough. I keep asking people to feel my forehead for a fever. I feel so awful, I am SURE I am at least 106. It's not. I'm tired, but can't sleep.
Since I'm in bed with acres of time on my hands, I changed the layout of my blog from 2 columns to 3. I like it. Now, I can do more blogging ... still about nothing ... since that's what I'm doing.

I love Sudoku. Click HERE and you can also enjoy this wonderful brain-strengthening game, too. The object of the game is to continue to fill in the rest of the squares making sure that each row, vertically and horizontally, have numbers 1-9. Also, the 9-blocks should have numbers 1-9. This is not addition. This is a study in logic and a bit addicting. It's a true time waster, but perhaps will give you some mental gymnastics. I already feel more brilliant!!

As soon as I'm finished with this post, however, I think I will do some hand-quilting. I'm almost finished with an Americana-looking wall hanging. I really feel the need to get it finished and hung. It must be understood, however, that QUILTING is NOT a time waster.

Housework, now THAT'S a time waster. Talking to a teenager, that also is a time waster, if you are actually thinking that you will be understood. Someone once told me that reasoning with a teen is like trying to nail jello to a tree.

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