April 14, 2009

Celebrating Easter

"Look how many eggs I have!"
I wrote previously that the weather forecast proclaimed a drizzly Easter weekend. They, those weather guyz, were so very wrong and we were thrilled! The kids and Victor had a 5-day vacation and though we expected rain, it was very nice. The sun shone and the kids played very hard. They took walks, rode their bikes into town, played with friends and slept outside on the back deck and watched shooting stars. They thoroughly enjoyed being together and had a great time. We were blessed to have Victor's girls, Stacey and Rachael, this weekend.
Matthew, Heather and Meggie hunting for eggs.
Megan and Rachael are gathering eggs and stashing them in their bowls.
Matthew, the collector of candy.

For Easter, I took my kids to my church and enjoyed a very spiritual meeting. Victor took Clint and Nathan to his church and they also came back uplifted and edified. What does that mean, exactly? Well, I don't know except that we would repeat the day's messages a few times to kids to remind them of who they are and how they should act.
We decided that the kids were a bit old for baskets (especially since we don't have any that aren't mouse-eaten and moldy from floods) so we improvised. The kids colored the hard-boiled eggs, I stuffed plastic eggs with candy, hid them and they found them.
Rachael found the hidden kite!
Stacey thinks she is too old to hunt for eggs!
Can she have one of your's please?
Oh yes, and Brooke is too old, too. Megan are you going to share?

The kids also blew bubbles into the air and mostly on the dog. They played with sidewalk chalk, played the new games, and everyone tried to fly the new kite. Note: It's nearly impossible to get a flimsy plastic kite airborne if one lives in the windy-est spot on earth.

UP!...and NOT away!.....
Clint, Nathan and a friend went 4 wheelin' in the mud and snow clear up into the mountain we live on. They wore their helmets and were solid mud from their visors to their toes. When they came home, they were thrilled and filthy. I made them strip most of their clothes off on the front porch. Oh, the LAUNDRY!!
Victor, Clint and Nathan spent much of the weekend working on Vic's 1979 pickup. They purchased a 4-wheel drive chassis and tranny off of a 1974 pickup. They cleaned up the '74 frame, added new shocks, and other stuff I don't get. They put the old '79 body on the new '74 chassis and will make Vic's truck into a 4-wheel drive BEAST! The boys have loved this greasy job!

Victor and I served a feast of ham, prime rib, mashed potatoes, broccoli raisin salad, that-green-salad-with-little-marshmallows, green peas and the girls made deviled eggs out of the colored Easter eggs. We also made a nice dinner punch out of orange juice and Sprite. We had a very fun dinner!


  1. That sounds like it was lots of fun. It rained in Salt Lake.. :(

  2. Oh that's funny!!!!! What great pictures!!! I miss them all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the follow! I really enjoyed reading about your Easter- your family sounds like tons of fun! Cute pics too!