April 26, 2009

A Man's World

I was standing in my bedroom when something outside caught my eye. I saw two large jack rabbits running/hopping up the driveway. I wasn't the only one who saw them. Clint and his friend, Mikey, dashed to where we stash out 22 rifles and ran after the critters while frantically loading. The rabbits got away, but when the boys returned to the house, they were amazed to find 8 more jack rabbits zippin' all over the property. The boys fell to their stomachs and started firing.
Though, I am sad for the fate of these animals, I don't like the damage they do to the foliage in my yard. And they burrow! Victor found them nesting in the engine of our vehicles all winter long. They love to chew on the coil wire and spark plug wires. What little nuisances! Remember the terrific weather during the rabbit slaying? Well, just a mere 24 hours later we got 12 inches of snow.... AGAIN!! This is Victor in his shorts and crocs shoveling. Clint was throwing snowballs to Alli who loves to chase them. She loves to chase anything you throw at her.
It was very beautiful the next morning. We have had beautiful birds at the feeders, so even though it's snowing, I KNOW it's really Spring. This is Matthew. He is enjoying learning about a man's world. Today he was invited by a girl a whole year older to attend her birthday party held at the local civic center. He gave her a bag of candy as a birthday present. I substitute taught her class on Friday and it is clear that she is very "smitten" with my little boy.

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