April 5, 2009

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Today is our One Year Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to US! This has been a wonderful first year. We have worked together in every situation. We have dealt with teenage issues, had a wonderful time with all our children and totally enjoyed our marriage together.

On St. Patrick's Day, I had won the grand prize in a drawing; free ski tickets for two at Big Sky Ski Resort. So we planned to use them on our Anniversary. I got sick the week before but we hoped that I would be well by swoosh-time.

Friday night, we ate a wonderful gluten-free dinner at the OutBack Steakhouse. Then we drove through a roaring blizzard up the canyon to Big Sky. Most of the time we had little to no visibility and the only way Victor knew he was still on the road was by driving on the teeth-jarring rumble strips. We were so relieved when we finally arrived at 10 p.m. We are staying at the Huntley Lodge. In this picture of the Lodge you will notice someone, Victor, made a path across this bern of snow. He scrambled over it in the middle of the night, rather than walk clear around from the parking lot to the front door of the lodge. It was cold!

This is a picture of Lone Mountain. I can't believe that people actually ski off the top of that thing! Victor took all these pictures, by the way. It is so nice here.
I still remained sick and by Saturday, I couldn't breath well. I was/am so miserable. Victor took me to the Medical Center on the mountain and I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given antibiotics and decongestants. I dutifully took the medications and was still coughing and lethargic the whole day. Sunday has been no better for me, physically. We are missing a glorious day of skiing. It's about 35-40 degrees and the skies are blue and the sun is shining. There is about 2 feet of powder.
I have stayed in bed in our hotel room, Victor beat me at Gin Rummy, he did some reading for work,I am blogging alittle and we have eaten yummy food at the local restaurants. Actually, we have had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We are going to save the ski passes for next weekend. I am so looking forward to skiing here over Easter Break.

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