April 22, 2009

Do we need a Deer Cemetery?

I really haven't done much lately to write about, okay, maybe I have. I watched a deer die yesterday. Is that doing something?

Really, it was kind of sad. He/she/it was with in a herd of about 16 deer. Heather let our dog, Bo, out the back door and that very "tough" mongrel chased the herd off our property and into the horse pasture across the road.

The herd finally realized that he is all bark and no brains so they quit prancing off and slowly walked off. But as they walked away, I noticed that one was laying down and not moving on.
This picture of a deer is NOT the one I watched, but I slipped it into my story so that you will look into those eyes and feel how sad I was. :-(

Anyway, after an hour the deer had passed away. How do I know? 'Cuz I am a Mom and I just know. OK, it's tongue was hanging out and it was lying on the hill upside down. Very odd position to just sleep in.

How did this deer die? Perhaps our very fierce MUTT gave it a heart attack? OR perhaps it was a deer conspiracy. The herd drew lots and decided Mr. Lolling Tongue Deer would get to die 100 yards from the house so that as it degrades back to the earth, it would get rolled-in by our other very naughty dog, Alli. She loves all things gross and slimey. She will spend the summer dragging deer carcass parts back to the front porch. Oh JOY!!


  1. Ewww...that's gross and very sad-nasty. Working with the environment and stuff as much as he does, Danny said deer are really stupid and die very easily because their brains are the size of peas. They'll starve themselves to death even though there's food close by but since it's not somewhere they've always gone to eat, they'd just rather die. Dumb.

  2. I think a deer cemetery is a good idea.