May 6, 2009


Alli, our beautiful, sweet, darling, energetic, loving Golden Retriever, is missing. We haven't seen her in 10 days. Her story began on a Thursday evening when she went prowling around and didn't come back for a few hours. This is normal behavior for her. Friday, she was sick. She relieved herself EVERYWHERE in the house (ask Heather... her room was destroyed!), barfing and pooing. It was horrible.
Alli, resting in my bedroom about 3 months ago.

Then we noticed she had a swollen belly and bloodshot eyes. She was very lethargic all weekend and we had decided we would take her to the vet on Monday morning, however, she ran out of the house about 8 p.m. on Sunday night. We were called by her favorite hangout, the Exxon station, two miles away. They had seen her crossing the highway to the Town Pump gas station.
We raced to get her but never found her. She hasn't turned up at the Shelter or with Animal Control. We have a theory.... that she chewed on a dead poisoned animal, got sick and has gone somewhere to die. We hope that she turns up at sometime, somewhere. She is such a sweetie and I miss her terribly! All we have left is her collar. The kids fight over who is going to sleep with her at night and even though Victor has told them time and time again, they remove her collar because she **clinks**.

To add insult to injury, we woke up this morning to find our goldfish.....
were leaving us, too...
Matthew named this goldfish, Swimmy, and he/she committed suicide by jumping out of the bowl. OR perhaps, Squirt & Fins, pushed him/her out. We will never know.


  1. Did you see the movie "Marley and Me"? In that movie they loose their old, dying dog too. They say that dogs usually go to find a quiet place where they can be alone to die. If Boaz ever gets sick, please don't let him outside. I also think the collar would be more effective around the dog's neck. Maybe if she were wearing it, someone would know to return her to you.

  2. I haven't seen "Marley and Me", yet. Yeah, collars are very effective ON the dog. Bo really misses Alli. They sure had fun together the last year, chasing deer and rabbits and barking at horses. He is soooo deaf and blind. Very old dog.

  3. That is so sad! Poor kids missing their dog, but that story about the "presents" she left in Heather's room...sick!!!