May 7, 2009

House for Sale

Well, we are selling the house and our adjacent lot. We've dropped the price $50,000 under appraisal and we will try to buy a house in town. The adjacent lot can go with the house or separately if you want to build. I have enjoyed watching the seasons here and the wildlife is a riot! We have Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Hawks, birds of every kind, coyotes, rabbits, bunnies, deer, snakes (I won't miss them much), mice, horses and cows.
The longhorn cattle, on our road, are calving and the babies are darling. I have named one "Socks" because he is all white except for his little brown head and brown legs. The calves jump around and play like children.
We love it out here but can't afford it anymore. We'll probably sell the house at a loss but there are other things more important! The kids need family vacations, art and piano lessons, swimming lessons, soccer uniforms, decent health care, braces on their teeth, shoes and the list goes on.

I will miss this house. It's about 4,500 square feet, has 3.5 baths, 6 large bedrooms and tons of storage. We built a great fire pit in the backyard for roasting marshmallows. There is plenty of room for the kids here. But, it is not to be. There are advantages to moving into town, also. I will have to look on the bright side.

Someone, please buy our home! You'll love it here!

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  1. That really stinks that you guys have to move! We have never been to your house, but I bet it is fun living in the middle of nowhere, having lots of space and privacy.