May 24, 2009

Day 2 of Our Weekend

Yesterday was a very nice day. One of those days that are thoroughly enjoyable. We fixed a big breakfast of eggs and bacon. Then after Victor put the final repairs to the bikes, we took off at 11 a.m. and the whole family rode our bikes into town... even Megan. (Brooke was already at work and Clint spent his day working on the pickup.) Victor and I stayed back with Megan as she was still a newbie at riding. The other kids met us at the park. We rode to Pamida and bought some bottled water and a Frisbee.

At the park we all played Frisbee. I stink at throwing it, by the way. My shoulders aren't really great and it was painful. We left all the kids at the park and Victor and I rode off alone to the grocery story. We purchased a loaf of bread, peanut butter, honey, a bag of potato chips and some gluten-free breakfast bars.

We rode back to the park and had an informal picnic at a picnic table. The kids were starved. We drank out of the public drinking fountain which is really an old pump. The kids took the last of the bread and fed the ducks, swans and canadian geese who frolic by the lagoon.

The lagoon..... Since the city pool had cracks in it, the city closed it last summer. The kids decided, instead, to use the filthy, stinky, rotten-fish-smelling lagoon as their summer-time pool. That's where we found them yesterday, as well. They love it. There are rumors that the city dredged the lagoon a few years ago and found rusty shopping carts and a VW Bug in the bottom of it. However, even though it is quite murky, the kids claim it's only waste-deep, pun intended.

We rode home about 5 p.m. In total we rode about 10 miles and it was so much fun. Megan loved it and did so well. We were exhausted and sun burned but had a great time. The kids made a bonfire in our fire pit in the backyard and enjoyed the evening.

We have 2 more days of our Memorial Day Weekend left.

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