May 26, 2009

I Love to Quilt!

I have made other denim picnic quilts, but this is one that I love! I like the Log Cabin pattern on it and it was very fun to make. I could have laid the blocks in so many ways, but I liked this pattern the best. I finished it last fall, just in time for the MSU football games. It came in very handy, I might add. The red centers and back are made out of courderoy. It is machine pieced and hand-tied.

I have always loved the Dresden Plate pattern. I actually made this block specifically for a challenge that my quilt guild had given us. We were s'posed to make a quilt using the material they gave, which is at 10 o'clock in this block, and it was also s'posed to have circles in the quilt.

I put the block into a lap quilt that I made for my new daughter-in-law, Amberly. A beautiful bride! She married my oldest son December 2007. The quilt is very feminine. It was actually a block-of-the-month project from a local quilt shop. It was so much fun to make. Anyway, I am glad it has a good home now. It was machine-pieced and hand-quilted with tons of love for the Newlyweds!The following quilt is also a block-of-the-month that I made from the same local quilt shop, just the previous year. I love the "homey" theme that came out of it. This lives at the bottom of my bed. It's called a Row Quilt and is a sampler of many different blocks.
Quilting is a creative outlet for me. As a mother, it seems that everything I do, GETS UNDONE! I wash a dish, it's dirty in minutes. I wash the clothes, floors, dog, tables, kids, etc... and all are dirty in seconds. I make food, which gets eaten in milliseconds. But quilting... ahhh.... it stays DONE!

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  1. When I saw that second picture I thought, 'hey that looks familiar.' I LOVE my quilt btw!