May 22, 2009

A Weekend to Memorialize

There are only 10 more days of school left! Today was a half day and the kids wanted to celebrate the near-end of school by bringing half the 5th grade home with them. We threw a little party and Victor grilled burgers and hot dogs, and we served a jello salad, potato salad, potato chips, pop, popsicles, and more. What more could two 11 year olds ask for?

Megan has been so busy today. She found a caterpillar which is amazing that it hadn't blown away yet. I think she named it something, but I can't remember 'cuz I can't pronounce it and therefore can't spell it.

Heather was a bit bored so I gave her free reign of the kitchen. I told her to go bake something. She poured over the recipe books and I left the room. I just knew I wouldn't be able to NOT "help" and I wanted her to enjoy herself. I came in later and found this......
She made a shake.....

Then Meggie went out to the driveway to learn to ride the bike we gave her for Christmas. Yesterday, she was terrified and couldn't figure it out at all. Rachael, Victor and I ran around the driveway behind her holding onto the bike. You know how it's done. I think she must have dreamt about it last night because today she was able to finally get it. Now she just needs to learn how to stop by using her brakes and not the garage door or the cement.

Alex is in the maternity ward. Alex is our platy. Platys are fish and we have 2 males and 2 females in our aquarium. The Pet Smart lady told us that Alex is very pregnant and probably wouldn't make it home without giving birth in the baggy. Well, that was a week ago! She still hasn't gone into fishy labor, but we are still hopeful.
The reason why she is sequestered is because she and the other fish will eat her babies. After she has them they will slip through that slotted tray beneath her and she won't be able to get at them.
Memorial Day Weekend has just begun!

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