February 18, 2009

Being Crafty

Because of the birthdays of various US Presidents, Victor and the kids got to have a 3 day weekend. It was very nice. We made our usual trip to the nearest Metropolis and shopped at Costco. As we walked around that huge warehouse we timidly approached the tables where little ol' ladies were cooking and giving out samples of ....? Just what is this stuff? What do we care, we get to eat free at Costco! One can have LUNCH there! Orange juice, Gogurts, chocolate chip cookies, grapefruit wedges, chips & salsa, burritoes... the list goes on and on. Most of the items have gluten in them, so I took one and gave it to Victor after we rounded a corner. Is that cheating if he gets two samples? Later, we had lumber and sheetrock delivered to the house this weekend. Nathan and Clint "volunteered" to help Victor put up a wall in the unfinished part of the basement. The garage was turned into the sawdust room! It's fun to watch the building process. First, the studs and then the sheetrock. So simple and yet, I would struggle with every part of it. One room is to become the storage room where Victor built very sturdy storage shelves for our Christmas decor, last season's clothing, pictures and old appliances.
The larger room is a topic of dispute in our home. I want it to be the "Quilt Room"... where cutting of fabric, sewing of blocks and quilting the old fashioned way satiates my creative desires.

Victor thinks it should be called the "Gun Room", where he may store his hunting paraphenalia and work on his ammo reloading table.

Matthew wants room to tie flies. The Fly Fishing Federation of Montana goes to the 5th grade classes every week to teach the kids about the local rivers, the behavior of the local fish, and the specifics of tieing flies. Matthew loves it! This is his collection of flies.
Perhaps we will just call it THE CRAFT ROOM and we can all share! We still need to continue hanging sheetrock on all the 'quilt room' walls, hang a door, tape, mud and paint. Then we'll hang larger lights so there will be ample light to quilt by. heh heh

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  1. Every Saturday after Savanna and I dropped Danny off at work in Logan, we'd go to Sam's and have "lunch" from samples! It was the BEST!!!! That sounds like a fun room!