February 16, 2009

Ski Skool

Ah, the mountain at sunrise. Ah, the fresh powdery softness to glide gently through. I love skiing. Riding the lift to the top of the run and taking in the gorgeous scenery is inspiring.
Downhill skiing is a big industry in our area. The local ski resorts want to get the locals "hooked" for life and they want us hooked young. They offer extremely cheap ski days to the local schools. Our 5th graders got to go skiing with their class for the day. The resort gave them lessons in the morning and then the kids got to ski for fun in the afternoon. Matthew is in the blue coat and Rachael is the tall girl next to Victor.
Victor and I volunteered to be chaperones. It was so fun. I stayed in the chalet......and helped cold and hungry children... or at least that was plan. There were no cold and hungry children. They were out having a blast. I just sat and quilted, sipped hot cocoa and watched the skiers swish down the mountain. It was a very nice day.

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