February 10, 2009

Yellow Dogs

Yesterday, my sisters, Lee and Shawnae and I attended a funeral of a long-time friend, Mrs. G., who was 88. She and her husband had been our landlord about 35+ years ago. She was a remarkable woman. She ironed everything (boxer shorts and sheets included) and called herself a "yellow-dog democrat" or someone who would vote for a yellow dog before she would vote for a republican. This fall, she voted for President by writing in Hillary Clinton. Ok, she DID vote for a yellow dog this time!!Anyway, she was also remarkable in that once upon a time, when her family was young, it was necessary for them to go on welfare. It distressed her greatly and decades later, Mrs. G. wrote a check to the state refunding them for the money she had been given!

Megan finally got better today and was able to go to school, however, Heather and Nathan are sick. It seems endless! Winter is just like that, I guess.

I got to be a Sub at school today... for 8th grade math and algebra. Those who know me, would testify in court that math is not my 'best' subject. We "learned" about graphing slopes. I sure had fun, though. It's really fantastic that I get paid to have a great time with the kids. We got lots of math review done, and I also got to give a test, ---"muah ha ha ha" (she laughs sinisterly).

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  1. Meggie is so funny. I was trying to figure out who died that you lived with, because those were her words. :)