November 19, 2008

The Big Cheese

The chaos begins as soon as we get out bed. We have to get our two dogs pottied and fed and then the 8 kids showered, dressed, fed, lunches made, and into the Suburban with their backpacks, band instruments and sports gear.

Sometimes when we've woken late we have accomplished this all in 20 minutes. Then I drive like a bat out of h*ll, down a 1.5 mile long gravel road going 120 mph (just an exageration, Officer) (with some of the kids still
dressing and snarfing breakfast in the vehicle) and get them to the bus stop in the nick of time.

The kids call the bus, "The Big Cheese", I guess because it looks like a large 2 pound block of cheddar. It's comical when the Suburban doors fly open. We look like one of those circus cars with all the clowns coming out.

This is Matthew and Megan after school.
The bus stop is down where the chaparel is at the beginning of the road. On this particular day, they are my only children who got off the bus as everyone else had football/soccer/volleyball practice. Also, I am late, as usual, picking them up at 3:50 p.m. at the stop so they have walked up the road hoping to meet me. It was nice weather that day. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow. And really, it's about time! I mean it's the middle of November! For tomorrow, just picture these two kids in long pants, winter coats, hat & gloves and scowls on their little faces.


  1. No coats in the middle of November?? Is it really that warm up there? Wow! All hail the Big Cheese!

  2. Oh, Matthew and Megan look SO cute! I miss them so much.