November 17, 2008

Our Dorky Family

Victor, Rachael and Megan, all trying to catch flies! No one will ever give me a decent pose unless I catch them off-guard. I love this picture of Megan. She just got out of the jacuzzi in our bathroom. She just loves to bathe and started taking showers by herself just a couple of months ago.
Here is Nathan this past summer, at work making sandwiches and salads at Subway while wearing his 3-D glasses from a movie he went to.
Here is a video I took with my cell phone. It is pretty rough. I took it this summer when Rachael and Matthew filled up a very large rock with water and played in it for hours. They are both eleven years old and as step brother and sister, they really get along. Their birthdays are only a month apart. They are inseparable most of the time.

You may be wondering where pictures are of the other kids; Brooke, Heather, Clint, Stacey and Kayleigh. Oh, just give me time! I fully intend on catching them "in the act" and posting it. They better beware because I'm lurking around every corner.

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