November 16, 2008

A Man with a Flower

Nathan was asked by Inga to go to the high school's Winter Formal. In this day and age of equality of the sexes, there must be a girl-ask-guy dance if there is a guy-ask-girl dance. Nate and Inga looked great as they posed for mother-obsessed picture taking in our kitchen. He also has white dress shoes... he looks a bit like Al Capone.
Inga ordered the flowers, though I don't wish to diss her taste, because they were beautiful, I just have never seen a boutonniere like this for a man. Such bling!

Our high school goes all out with our formal dances. Before the dance begins, all 152 couples participate in the grand march where they are announced by the Principal and each walks hand in hand to arrive under the arch before half the town who are seated on the bleachers waiting to snap pictures documenting the evening (and tremendous expenses). I couldn't even begin to get close enough to catch Nathan and Inga on their grand march. Our daughter, Kayleigh (nominated as dance queen), also attended with a date and was quite lovely. We got to see her go through the grand march, as well. After the dance, Nathan went with many other friends over to Kayleigh's Mom's house (Victor's ex-wife's house) for an after-dance party. They had a great time. Incidentally, after the evening's festivities, Nathan's date, broke up with him and said she was going to date another. ---sigh---


  1. WOW!!! Nathan looks like such a hot, little stud!! He's lost weight and that tux looks spectacular on him! And he cut his hair!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Putz, you look smashing!!!!

  2. Nathan looks so handsome! What a cute kid. And I Megan with her goggles. Funny!