November 2, 2008

Good Morning Beautiful

Most of my posts won't be this mushy. The song you are hearing (if my playlist works for you) is Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy. My sweet husband, Victor, gave me this song as a ringtone. Ever since our wedding, he wakes me up by kissing me and saying "good morning beautiful". He's absolutely romantic and charming and I love him very much. I'm truly blessed to have found this man.

How, you ask me, did I find this man? Yahoo!Personals, that's how. The online phenomonen that is rocking the nation helped me find this wonderful man. Take heed, it may not work for everyone, but it sure helps you weed out the undesirable people before you have to tell them to 'get lost'.

You will notice the height difference between us and by the way, in the photo above, I was wearing heals! I am 5'4" and Victor is 6'4". The calves of my legs are very strong from having to be on tippy-toes to get close to his chin. My daughter, Jessica (5'2"), has the same problem with her husband, Robert (6'3").

I love Victor, even with his insatiable desire for BACON.
I imagine that his dream would be that when he wakes up in the morning he would love to see me there next to him all wrapped up in bacon. Then he could really say "good morning beautiful" to two of the things he really loves!


  1. Dads, (even step Dads-but I play on a level field) have a natural tendency to be protective of their daughters,of which I have five (5), Lori being the senior member of the group.

    I first met Victor by phone when he called and said he felt we ought to get to know each other a bit before the wedding. Right then this Dad knew there was something extremely special about my soon to be son-in-law! Then, toward the end of the "getting to know you" he reduced me to, yes, at my age, a mass of tears! Victor ask if he might have the hand of my daughter in marriage! That kind of genteel courtesy went out when I was courting.

    Now, all of my daughters are radiantly beautiful ladies, but at the wedding weekend, I have never seen my Lori so radiantly beautiful and happy. Victor brought on that combination, and the love, attentiveness, gentleness and kindness he shows Lori is quite obvious when, each day, he awakens "my girl" with "Good Morning Beautiful"! My wish for these two is: Whom GOD has brought together, let no man put assunder! GOD Bless you both, Lori and Victor.


  2. Lori, you are a bit sappy, but I'm so happy that you found Victor and I pray its a forever thing!! I love the dresden plate picture!!! Beautiful colors. I never saw the whole quilt that Michael and Amberly have. Darn.

  3. Interesting. You never said but I always suspected you found him online. I like bacon too. :)