November 8, 2008

Bo's Potential Flight

We are very lucky to live "in the country". We see lots of wild life around us. We have Golden Eagles circling overhead frequently. They can have a 95" wingspan and be up to 20 lbs. As North America's largest bird of prey, they have been known to swoop down and fly off with marmots, hares, mice, birds, martens, foxes, young deer and livestock including lambs and young goats.

The reason for this ornathology lesson is because the neighbor's cat, Louis, is missing. Our cat, Angel (a very deceiving name for this grouchy feline), has also been missing since last May. Could they have fallen prey to this great bird? Yesterday, the family watched as one of these small airliners dove repeated at a fawn across the road. The fawn won the battle by running downhill to it's mother. The show was quite impressive.

We have a small, 13 year old cockapoo, named Bo, who has no idea what a risk he runs every time he goes outside to pee. Our daugter, Rachael, age 11, is holding him in our kitchen, in this picture. I have a mental image of Bo, flying through the air, tightly held by the talons of a mighty golden eagle. I imagine Bo enjoying the view for a brief moment, as he flew over the house...right before his demise.

I wonder if our children are safe?

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