December 8, 2008

Dog Taxi

It's Monday and I am home --all alone-- in the house. Envision McCauley Culkin in the movie Home Alone, running through his house slamming the doors and listening to the echo. Sometimes, I don't know what to do with myself in all this quiet. Neither place, where I work as a temp, called me in today.

Since it is Monday, the family got a slow start this morning. Instead of having the kids take the school bus I drove the kids into town and dropped them off at their respective schools. Rachael and Stacey won't be coming off the bus after school today as this is "switching" day. They will go to her mother's house and will be with her this week. This is a hard court-appointed system and we really miss them when they are gone.

As I drove home I stopped at the line of mailboxes, jumped out of the car and grabbed our local newspaper out of our box. This is very much what our line of mailboxes look like except imagine no leaves on the trees, no blue sky (grey this morning), a skiff of snow on the ground and very icy. I put the vehicle in 4-wheel drive and as I drove down our road, enjoying the scenery and deer, I heard a few sniffs in the seat behind me. I instantly thought the kids had snuck our golden retriever into the Suburban on the way to school. However, when I looked back.... that was not Alli! I screamed and slammed on the brakes. In the seat behind me was a dog that looks similar to this picture. I have no idea if his eyes were this crazy because I didn't get that close a look at him. I jumped out of the car and yelled at him to get out. He jumped out and I got in the car as fast as I could, my adreneline just flowing. How in the heck did that dog get in? I never saw him at the mailboxes. He was fast and sneaky is all I can say! I feel bad now, wondering if I should have put him back in and taken him to the pound. But he and I never had time to get to know each other. As soon as he jumped out, he was gone. I think he was grateful for the ride.

Well, now I need to get off this keyboard and zip around the house. The laundry hampers are full of filthy clothes, the morning dishes need to be loaded into the dishwasher and I need to light some yummy-smelling candles. I hope that dog has a great day. I'll be thinking about him today.

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