December 4, 2008

A Girlie Fest

I was recently bloggin' with my laptop on my bed. I had peace and quiet.... for about 3.5 minutes. I have learned that if children see their parents relaxing, it's automatically an invitation to ruin (?) that relaxation. This picture is a PERFECT example of the girls in our house trying to get some attention. Stacey is playing with my hair, Brooke and Heather are trying to stop Rachael from clawing their eyes out.... or something. Anyway, we had a grand time and the men in the house just did not get this estrogen-fest. Victor took this picture.... baffled by the high-pitched giggling and hysterical screaming going on.
You will notice that there are no males in this pile! Nathan was hibernating in his room with his GenX-Box 4900 -- or whatever those electronic game machines are called. Clint was in the kitchen on the other computer, wondering what in the heck the clamor was all about.....Matthew thought it was dumb and wasn't going to set foot in my bedroom as he knew he would get sucked into the sister-abyss. Wise boy! Actually, I think he was quite terrified!
Bo, however, even though he is male, thinks this is quite interesting and 'can he please attend this party?' The dog is on the bed again, Victor......

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