December 28, 2008

The Igloo

We live on a mountain known for it's wind, but not necessarily it's snow. What snow we do get usually just blows away. It's beautiful and we love living here.... about 3 months out of the year. Christmas Eve we received a foot of snow and then wind. It created snow drifts about 4 feet deep and 50 feet long down the driveway, that blocked the Suburban into the garage.
Victor got stuck on our road coming home from work on Christmas Eve and had to leave the 4-wheel drive Explorer in the road and walk home. About 6 hours later he was assisted by a neighbor with a backhoe in getting unstuck. Meanwhile, the wind settled down and the boys, Clint, Nathan and Matthew assisted by Alli the dog, dug what they called "an igloo" into the side of the drift. They had a blast and burned a lot of boy-energy. The weather was so nice. The 4 older kids, Clint, Kayleigh, Nathan and their cousin, Justin, slept in the cave dragging in flashlights, candles, sleeping bags and had a wonderful evening. The cave was 12 feet by 7 feet and about 3 feet high inside. However, about midnight we got another foot of snow and the roof of their cave began to fall in causing the kids to dash into the house. This is Kayleigh inside the kid's "igloo" as they called it. It's really a cave in a snowdrift. On December 26th, the next morning, we woke up to incredible amount of drifting as the wind picked up. Now the drift is 5 feet high and 200 feet long down the driveway. The kid's igloo was totally drifted in and the entrance blocked. So they changed the entrance and tried digging again in 75 mph winds. Crazy kids!


  1. You should have the kids go inside the tunnel and take a picture of inside!

  2. Yeah, it would have been fun to see it from their view.