December 17, 2008

I am Snowdayzed!

I have a 7 year old named Megan. She loves Christmas music. When we have the holiday music CDs going she dances and twirls around the livingroom. If, however, the stereo or the radio isn't on, she will wind up every snowglobe in the house. With Deck The Halls, Jinglebells and I'll Be Home For Christmas all playing at once, it sounds holidayesque but you can't understand a thing and certainly can't sing along. She doesn't mind much. I do, when they are playing for the 13th time in a row! I begin to wig out. The snowmen folks in this picture sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas and they dance. The Santa doesn't sing or dance. He is just scary looking!

Brooke saw that I was writing this blog post and told me that the noisy musical decor was NOT the most scary thing about our Christmas decorating. She ran through the house counting all our snowmen... we have 53! That's not counting wrapping paper, pajama fabric or Christmas cards. Some are on the tree but most are all over the furniture or hanging on the walls or doorknobs. I have written before that I love snowflakes. I also love snowmen and have been collecting them. They are cheery and cute with their corncob pipes and button noses.
Look at Frosty! He's cute, grandfather-esque, kind, jolly and deals with spring and his inevitable demise-by-melting, very well. He loves little children. Just like Frosty, "I will be back again someday!"

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