December 4, 2008

Fridge Tag & Laundry Pile

My daughter, Rachel, tagged me on her fridge blog. I'm not even sure what a tag is but I thought I would do as she said and write about this scary part of our home. We have a cool, silver looking double-wide fridge. For some reason, even though it is silver, (doesn't that mean that it is metal?) magnets don't stick to it! GASP! I just love fridge magnets and it kills me to have a perfectly plain exterior.... except for those fingerprints, which must have sex and multiply right there on the front of the door! The veggie drawers, though officially called "crispers", in our case are called "rotters". It is the most foul thing to open them and find a bag of liquidy baby spinach. As you can see, we buy everything in bulk and in very large containers. Eight kids at home.... not to mention their friends.... thank you Costco! You will notice that large pan of ~~~ hold on to your hat, Rachel, ~~~FUDGE~~~ It is 2/3 eaten and the spatula is still in the pan for easy access when nibbling. There are still candied yams and mashed potatoes in there, too. I need to get off this blog post and get back to what Mommy's are supposed to do.... fold the mammoth mountains of clean clothes that will become durtified in an hour after the kids have gotten off the school bus. ~~~sigh~~~


  1. (((scoff)))you totally cleaned that fridge! Give it up! Hehe. And sorry, fudge doesn't qualify as chocolate. (((shudder))) For some reason it reminds me of chocolate's dirty cousin.

  2. (((scoff))) Give it up, you totally cleaned that fridge! I've lived amongst my piggy siblings to know our fridge *never* looked like that! Hehe. Cute Christmas tree! Oh, and just so you know, fudge is chocolate's dirty cousin, yuck!

  3. Look Daddo, all I did was open the fridge and click. I didn't clean a thing. I'm just not close enough to the shelves for you to see the dried on elk blood or green jello smeared all over. I love fudge!!!