December 4, 2008

Double Thursday 13

I AM: supposed to be getting dinner planned and made.
I WANT: Christmas with ALL my family surrounding
I HAVE: the love of my life in my life.
I MISS: eating gluten-filled pastries.
I FEAR: falling out of a boat, into the ocean and getting eaten alive by big things with teeth.
I HEAR: about people around the world suffering and wish I could be with them to ease their pain.

I SEARCH: for everything, because I can't find anything, because I lose everything!
I WONDER: where everything went? I REGRET: taking after my mother in the memory department. :-)
I FORGIVE: my mother for genetically altering my otherwise brilliant mind and giving me memory loss!

I ACHE: ...stinkin' fibromyalgia!
I TRY: to ignore how my body feels and live outside of me.
I AM NOT: oh, yes, I am!!!
I ALWAYS: get sidetracked... where is that...? oh yes, I'm doing this blog...
I KNOW: everything.... just ask me.
I FEEL: that peri-menopause has left me... the real thing is headed my way!
I DANCE: better when I am dancing with Victor.
I DREAM: in color and in music.
I GIVE: UP! That should read, I never give up!
I SING: alto
I CAN'T: change the past.
I CRY: when I think about my grown kids... I miss them so much.
I SLEEP: totally when forced.
I SEE: dead people...
I NEED: a shower.
I SHOULD: finish my genealogy.

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