January 5, 2009

All Alone!

It's Monday morning. Victor is at work. He actually went in an hour early because he took a whole week vacation last week. He knew there would be tons on his desk so he got an early start on it.

The kids are all in school. They had 2 weeks off and now are back on their regular schedule. I wasn't called into work, so I am wandering around this very quiet house, finding things to do. An odd change in my life. I have NEVER been alone until now. With all the kids in school, it's just odd to have time to myself.

There's lots to do, however. I don't want to give the impression I am sitting around eating bon-bons, watching the soaps or blogging. I have bathrooms to clean and will until the day I die!

Ok, the dogs are here with me, but they're not much for conversation. Want to see our driveway now? We can get into our garage now. Very nice.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure you love it! And don't lie to me, I know your underwear drawer is still stuffed with "bonbons!"