January 8, 2009

Pilfered Pillows

Today when I was scrubbing up muddy paw prints on the floors, I received a call from Victor who was at work. He was grumbling because the hotel we stayed in, after Christmas with the kids in the metropolis-over-the-pass, had billed our credit card an extra $75.00. They were charging us for 3 pillows supposedly removed from room #137.

"Well, that's preposterous", I exclaimed! "Our family didn't take any pillows out of those hotel rooms!" For one thing, with 9 kids in tow, we could never have stuffed another thing in that Suburban! Anyway, I told Victor that I would call the hotel back and get it cleared up.

So, I called the hotel desk in metropolis-over-the-pass and told them of their error. I suggested that if room #137 (the room our boys stayed in) was missing 3 pillows, perhaps room #135 (the room the girls stayed in) was 3 pillows in the good since the rooms are adjoining. The clerk said she would check on it and would call back.

Two loads of laundry later, the clerk called back and informed me that "no, there were no extra pillows in room #135" but they would credit back the $75 to our account anyway, and she hoped I would have a good day.

"Hmfpt", I thought to myself, "those cleaning ladies, can't they count?" By-the-way, my little sister works at that same hotel as a part-time cleaning lady. It even crossed my mind that she was playing a joke on us.

While taking the folded laundry to the bedrooms, I found to my absolute horror.... PILLOWS!! Three sparkling white (I knew they couldn't be ours and they positively glowed in that room), fluffy pillows in a bedroom inhabited by smelly teenage creatures!
I just lied through my teeth to that metropolis hotel clerk!! Is it a lie if you don't know you're lying? I was just stunned. Why would MY precious teens STEAL pillows? I got a confession out of the two accused, of course they each blamed the other. They also claimed that they believed it was not stealing as hotels will just charge the room for what's taken. The room? The room is the father!

Well, anyway, we get to take the pillow thieves back to metropolis so they can personally return the pilfered pillows with a practiced apology.


  1. Hahahaha, that is really funny!

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