January 1, 2009

We're Miffed at Drifts

Wikipedia defines a snowdrift as the following: "A snowdrift is a deposit of snow created bywind into a mound during snowstorms. They resemble sand dunes and are formed in a similar manner, namely, wind moving light snow and depositing it when the wind is slowed, usually against a stationary object. Snow normally crests and slopes off toward the surface on the windward side of a large object. On the leeward side, areas near the object are a bit lower than surrounding areas, but are generally flatter. Their impact on transportation is often as significant..." Shees, that's an understatement!!It doesn't sound like much unless you experience it. And to really get a taste of snowdrifts one must live in the windiest place on the planet. This is a picture of the road up to our house. Our neighbor had to cut the road out with his backhoe. The drift was 6-7 feet deep. It's so eerie driving between those walls of snow. By the way, that is NOT piled snow that the backhoe made. He shoved the snow down the hill.
This is a shot of our 13 year old, Heather, standing on the drift that blew across our driveway. That is all naturally formed and has not been shoveled. You can see the tracks where we had gone in and out of the garage before the wind started blowing. You will also notice the lack of snow elsewhere. The wind just took all the fallen snow and blew it onto the driveway, right after it made a sinister laugh! Mu-ahh-ha-ha-ha!!!

This is a before (last June) and after (today) picture of the front of the house. We may dig out by next June!!! Incidentally, the constant blowing of 75 mph winds can drive one out of his skull.

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