January 1, 2009

A Dunking We Will Go

Victor and I decided that a nice gift to the kids from us would be to go to the nearby larger town and stay in a hotel and let the kids spend time together. We had reservations for three nights, two of which we missed because we were snowed-in. On Monday night we finally escaped our drifted-prison and took the kids to play in the nearby metropolitan city. (chuckling) We brought one of the dogs with us, because he needed to be dog-sat by my sister, 'cuz he is old and can't withstand the cold in the garage.

It may look like we are a bit packed in like sardines. We drove Nathan and Clint to meet Kayleigh who took them to the hotel, so we didn't have 10 kids in the Suburban. The girl sitting in the back seat next to Brooke is her friend.
The kids went to the mall and WalFart so Matthew could spend his gift card on a fishbowl and goldfish. We all took the kids to Old Chicago for 3 platters of Nachos Grande. Mmmmm! The Matthew named the fish Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Santa's Little Helper. :-) Anyway, when we were at the hotel, the kids had a blast. The hotel was sponsoring a local college basketball champtionship for which there were 3 basketball teams staying at the hotel. We're lucky we found rooms! Anyway, the kids swam...

.... and swam .....

.... and swam ....

............. and dunked each other ...............


  1. I just loved what I assume is/was a Freudian slip in the test below Nathan and Bo. The pool activities looked like great fun! No doubt considerable Holiday energy was expended.

  2. That looks like it was tons of fun! And Christmas looked even more awesome-er! :) We miss you guys!