January 26, 2009

Open Wide and Say Ahhhhhh!

Last night before bed, I went downstairs to Megan & Heather's room to tuck them in. I gleefully thought, "Ah, Meggie's already asleep. What a sweet little dolly." Then, as I bent over and kissed her little forehead, my lips caught fire! She had a high fever.

I scooped her up and brought her upstairs to sleep near me. Her temp was 102.4. It's amazing how hot that feels to the touch. I have a tip for young mothers. Kids will throwup when they have a fever, even if they don't have an intestinal bug. Get their fever down and they may not puke on your bathrobe!

I bathed her head, arms and chest with a cold, wet washcloth and gave her Motrin Junior. She was wrapped in her "Eee", her name for her lavender blanket.......... and had "Possy" cuddled up with her. (Possy is a Popple.) Cuddling with Eee and Possy is very necessary when you are 7 and feel gross.

This morning she woke up and was just as hot. She moved to the rocking chair in the livingroom. Eee and Possy are with her, she is in her bathrobe, watching a plethera of movies. She has applesauce, water and a muffin to nibble on. Her temp a couple hours later is 99.9.


  1. Poor Meggiephone! I know what high fevers are like. Emily had a week of them, but hers was from a bladder infection and she bawled every time she had to get up to walk and spent 4 days on the couch waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. Nice. I hope she feels better soon! :(