January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was wonderful this year as we had all 9 of the kids to celebrate with. Christmas Eve the kids opened their jammies and we made homemade pizza. The kids played games together and watched movies. After they went to bed, "Santa" and his elf (tee hee) brought the gifts to the tree and filled the stockings.
This is Clint with a body pillow. Below is Heather, Megan and Matthew. Matthew's new bike is in the background. Christmas morning the kids straggled out of their bedrooms and checked out their stockings. Then we all gathered in the livingroom and Victor passed each child a gift to open. Here is Brooke and our dog, Bo, watching as she opened a gift. Below is Kayleigh snuggling up in a blanket as she waits her turn. My sister, Shawnae and her son Justin, came over in the afternoon and stayed for a couple of days. We had a large dinner with turkey, glazed ham, stuffing, jello salad, cranberry-celery salad, rolls, and more. We had 13 at the two tables and had so much fun together. Nathan and Heather are waiting for the opening of gifts to begin. Below is Stacey glaring at me for taking her picture! Ha Ha, I got it.Below is Megan with her new bicycle. She is very excited and wishes she could ride it now. If you have read my previous posts, you'll know that she won't be riding till the snow melts.... in the spring.

We had a very Merry Christmas and we hope YOU did, too!

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